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AFCC services include financial advisory, business plan development, government funding applications and financial program development/management.

Advisory support can be tailored to the client or organization need.

AFCC Advisory Services

The following is a list of projects undertaken by AgriFood Capital Corp.

Agrifood Business Accelerator Investigation:

On behalf of Huron County, AgriFood Capital Corp will act as the lead to perform the feasibility of a business accelerator. Funding will be under the Rural Economic Development (RED) program administered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF), and co-funded by the County of Huron. The outcome of the study is the development of the framework of a business plan for an Accelerator including recommendations for the sourcing of government funding programs together with access to venture and angel capital.

New Farm Entrant Study:

The Junior Farmers' Association of Ontario (JFAO) received funding to review and execute an investigation into the entrant barriers young farmers in Ontario might face when trying to enter the agricultural industry. AgriFood Capital Corp partnered with Farms.com to conduct the project. The purpose of this project is to identify what resources/assistance are needed to help these young agriculturalists overcome the hurdles and inhibitors they face while trying to pursue farm ownership.

Investment Opportunities in PEI:

On behalf of the PEI ADAPT Council, AFCC undertook an assessment with recommendations concerning investment attraction to PEI. The project report will be used to identify how PEI agribusinesses can best access capital for business growth, identify gaps in business development, access export markets, develop business plans, identify financial structures, identify management requirements and how to bridge the gap to success.

Agriculture Business Catalyst:

On behalf of the PEI ADAPT Council (ADAPT), AgriFood Capital Corp undertook a feasibility of defining a farm accelerator and agribusiness investment model for PEI. The project resulted in a number of recommendations on future operational design option. The final report offered a guideline and roadmap of an accelerator and fund or funds that would benefit PEI farmers and agri-business.

New Product Review:

On behalf of the PEI Horticultural Association, AgriFood Capital Corp provided an assessment of an alternative crop for the PEI market. There is an expanding interest among growers to find new crops with niche market opportunities and value-added products beyond the fresh market.

Ontario AgriBusiness Environmental Assessment:

AgriFood Capital Corp provided project management for Ontario Agri Business Association (OABA), for an environmental assessment project. The outcome was to develop environmental air and noise permitting tools such as EASRs or Technical Standards that would allow agri-business facilities to come into compliance more efficiently and cost effectively. The outcome for the project will be for OABA to work with MOE to negotiate standard practices, setbacks etc.

Poultry Supply Chain Traceability:

On behalf of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), AgriFood Capital Corp undertook the role of project manager and lead in securing an acceptable business contractor for a poultry supply chain pilot project. This involved a systems and logistics review of the CFO supply chain reporting system. The purpose of the Ontario Broiler Chicken Flock Traceability Pilot Implementation project was to provide a systematic response to the recommendations identified in the Ontario Chicken Industry Traceability Gap Assessment exercise undertaken by industry stakeholders.

Economic Assessment – Poultry Traceability System:

Under a joint project with BDO, AgriFood Capital Corp provided an independent measurement of the economic benefits of the Ontario Broiler Chicken Flock Traceability Pilot on behalf of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. As part of the pilot project, the economic benefit analysis was prepared to identify what benefits can be illustrated and the results will need to be widely shared with value chain participants for wider sector adoption.